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About Ratu

The Gift of a Heart Master

Ratu BagusRatu is a self realised master, whose teaching has been received direct from the light.

Ratu Bagus (meaning good king) is an extraordinary spiritual teacher. Ratu has the ability to develop our lives beyond what we could ever have imagined. He shows us how to truly heal ourselves by opening our hearts and helping us to connect to divine love. Those that meet him are touched by his sweetness, his love for humanity and endless compassion.

Ratu is endlessly creative in his approach to awaken our desire for freedom, he is both humble and powerful, with a wonderful sense of humour, he is completely accepting of everyone, he sees the light that is who we truly are, Ratu at Bramin Ceremonyand invites us to realise this too. Ratu has touched the lives of many, to meet him is a truly life changing experience.

Ratu Bagus dancingRatu’s power as a Brahmin, teacher, healer and community leader has been recognized and acknowledged with many Provincial, National and International awards, reflective of his powerful healing abilities, charitable service to his community and life-long commitment to helping humanity.

In 2007 Ratu, became Brahmin of the highest class, as a testament to the good works that he does with the Balinese people. His Brahmin name is
Ida Pandita Mpu Parama Daksa Nata Ratu Bagus.

The Beginnings

Ratu with family and westernersBorn in Gianyar in Bali in November 1949, with the given name of I Ketut Widnya, Ratu’s dream as a young man was to become an army cadet. He wanted to be a soldier because he wanted a disciplined way of life, he believed the key to success was discipline; he applied three times and was unsuccessful on each occasion. He understood this was not the right path for him.

Then he moved to the Indonesian capital Jakarta and found work as a private officer at transportation firm, where he stayed for eight years, feeling unfulfilled Ratu moved back to Bali where he became a government officer. After 12 years in this position he left as he felt a calling to be more intimate with nature and near a smaller community, he decided to become a farmer and breeder.

He chose Muncan village for the site of his plantation at the base of the sacred Mount Agung. He moved there with his first wife Mama and two children and continued farming for many years but as the desire to become more intimate with the universe and the creator became stronger, he began meditating regularly at various sacred sites within Bali.

Until one day a miracle happened, he received a vision from the divine on the slopes of Mount Agung. He was given the name “Ratu Bagus Jaya Kesuma Kawi” and told that he had an important job to do and that he had been given the strength to help the suffering of humanity.

As Ratu was surrounded by people living in the poorest of villages, he was able to see that these people had no access to health care, very basic education, living a fine line between health and life threatening sickness. Ratu began his mission to help people heal themselves.

“Before I met Ratu, my father was very ill. Nothing had worked, we had no Wayan Sukrimoney to take him to hospital. He became more and more sick and nobody could help him. He lost so much weight because he couldn’t eat or drink. There was no hope for him and I was told he would die within a day. We were desperate, so we carried my father all the way to see Ratu.

Ratu just looked at my father, touched his head, then gave him a glass of blessed water which my father drank. I was very surprised to see this as he hadn’t been able to drink anything for a month. Immediately I believed in Ratu’s healing powers, my father gained strength and went on to live happily for another 20 years.

I wanted to learn more about Ratu, and came to live permanently at the ashram.” Sukri, Bali

Ratu's Family

2 ratu family

Ratu comes from a very large family, he is one of nine brothers and sisters. The family had a very difficult childhood, their father died when they were young, and had little money for the basic things in life. Their mother Nini now lives on the ashram, she is in fine health due to her continued focus and dedication to Ratu and his shaking practice and is still shaking everyday at the age of 96.

Nini, Grandmother and great grandmotherRatu has two children, a son and daughter. Ratu's son Gede is married to Lenny and they have a young daughter Iya. Dia, Ratu's daughter, is married to Nana and they have two young daughters, Nadia and Dinda. Gede is very involved with the building plans for the expansion project at the Ashram and he is often seen working in the Ashram developing the buildings and gardens.

Ratu's first wife - Mama, passed away and Ratu married Niychola in 2006, Ratu's Daughter Diah with her husband and daughterShe selflessly supports Ratu with his mission. Ratu's calls his wife Sri,while Balinese people say Mpu Istri and some westerners say Niychola. At the age of eight whilst deep in the Saudi Arabian Desert with her family, Niychola had a vision of Quan Yin and another spiritual guide who referred to himself as sunny surya, she now recognises this guide as Ratu Bagus.

Ratu and Nikki at Crystal CastelTheir spiritual connection deepened as Niychola further explored and trained in various spiritual healing traditions from the age of sixteen and serves the community with these healing experiences. The journey to Ratu continued and in 1996 whilst studying for a herbal medicine degree travelled to study Ayuveda and Yoga in South India. Here a Vedic astrologer prophesised that she would marry her spiritual partner and soul mate who lived on the other side of the world and they would become Brahmins and help many people in the world. In 2000 Niychola further explored and trained in traditional indigenous healing practices and cultures by travelling to Mexico, as a guest at a sacred Fire and Ratu and NikkiShamanic Initiation Ceremony of the Huichol Indians.

Niychola was called out from over 300 people to receive heart homework from the Sacred Fire (Agni Deva known there as Tatewari). She was told that there are 6 people in the World who channel Sacred Fire, one is a special man who Ratu and Nikki on retreat in Italylives in Indonesia, you must go on his 11 day meditation retreat. Soon after she was initiated as a Sacred Fire keeper. On meeting one of Ratu's shakers, he told her about Ratu's Retreat and healing shaking Practice. Niychola attended the retreat and the story unfolded. Ratu proposed to Niychola and they are now married and are Brahmins in Bali. Ratu says their marriage is symbolic of the spiritual unity between East and West

Connecting with the West

Ratu Bagus Retreat ItalyIn 1993 an Italian man was passing the ashram, he felt an energy vortex pull him strongly towards it. His time there was profound, and on his return to Italy he shared his experiences and soon a group of around 25 people invited Ratu to visit them in Italy.

Ratu has students from over 20 different countries and the numbers are growing rapidly as word spreads throughout the World about the good work he is doing. It is an important aspect of Ratu's teaching that there is a network of support so we are able to share our experiences and help each other, which in turn means we help ourselves. Ratu places great emphasis on growing together. There is a widespread community of western students who regularly train together and there are many shaking groups throughout Ratu and Italian groupEurope. We often get together socially and many shaking days are organised throughout the year to give us the opportunity to all get together as one. For more information click here Groups and Contacts

The Growing Mission

139 ratu

Ratu's sole aim is to heal the problems and sufferings of the world. Ratu embodies what he teaches and shows us the way to true freedom. He supports, guides and protects us on this journey, but we have to do the work ourselves. He was born with the ability to transmit pure light/energy.

If we look at his picture with our heart, it becomes a mirror through which we can see and feel ourselves, and a magnet which connects us to our soul. By radiating these qualities, he raises the spirit and energy of all who meet him. For many people this is a life changing experience.

training 29Ratu's mission to spread peace in the world grows in strength constantly. The Ashram in Bali attracts ever increasing numbers as people from many countries, backgrounds and faiths make the pilgrimage there. Click here for Ashram in Bali