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Global Laughing Event

Global Laughing Event

Thursday 26th November 8pm - Bali time

Laughing on Retreat To coincide with Ratu´s 60th Birthday, Ratu and 700 of his students will set a Guiness Book Record by laughing for 1 hour while shaking in the Taman in Bali. Joined by shakers from all over the world it will be a global event as all the shakers participate at exactly the same time.

By coming together, with a positive mind set and the intention to laugh triggered by the light/energy, by looking at Ratu´s picture and feeling the 'just do it!' Importing the positive and happy vibrations will export laughter and positivity to the world. So this laughing event as well as the blood donation event will give us all an opportunity to give a sacred offering to the world, and feel the gift of this offering.

Laughter is medicine that heals us and the planet and sets our mindset to positive thinking. The energy will be strong and like a wave of laughter that goes around the world. Let´s all be on that wave and enjoy it for our own benefit and everyone elses