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The Ratu Bagus ashram is the place to be for a deep dive into the Shaking Yoga practice. Joining a retreat can give you a taste of this Energy work.
For the New Year retreat in Holland three new shakers had signed up. It was inspiring to see and feel how after a few sessions all of them started to feel changes inside themselves.
Bernadette was one of them. She had no idea about Ratu, the shaking practice or what this retreat was about. These three days gave her really a new start of the year. She writes:
Thank you for this incredible experience. I’m growing and flowing into 2023 - deep connected to my body, to me, myself and I.
It’s been wonderful and still is. So excited what is now to come.
She shares further:
2022 has been a year, I just wanted to get rid of. I found this retreat and booked - without any knowing of how, who, what ….
What I found was the most precious people, what I found was mind-blowing. As a breath worker I know, that we humans are more than flesh and blood, I know about energy work, I know about Trauma we all experienced. But - I have never ever in my whole life experienced energy in this way - straight away into and around my body. Blessed, flowing, releasing, integrating, heartbreaking.
This retreat is so powerful - these people so mindful, funny, present. I still can hardly believe but it is in my body. If you ever want to experience! energy - join this community of people. Grateful, thankful, blessed, open hearted.
You are in my heart,
Om Swasiastu
If you also want to have a taste of this Ratu Energy work, come and join us in a retreat or travel to the ashram in Bali for a live changing experience.