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It’s over a week now since we returned from Bali.

Our 3 week stay in real time was equivalent to a 3 year stint of learning and understanding.
The energy is simply massive as Ratu pounds our tiny brains into submission to be able to comprehend the awe-inspiring wonder of Divine Energy!

In a few sentences then, as I engage my tiny brain to explain:

  • Towards the end of the stay Ratu spoke earnestly about our natural yoga, the spiritual yoga that comes naturally from the energy. He called it Astanga Yoga. We have experienced this before, but Ratu made a very specific point that he had not opened this up to us before in the way he is doing now because we were not ready. Through this yoga, we heal and clear our blocks, we clear our bad character traits and become more I Am each time. Once the yoga comes through in our shake, we keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going........To a point, in fact, where he spent 30 minutes in the TV area saying keep going, keep going as people flew off and rolled around on the floor, thinking it was over, only to hear Ratu’s mantra: keep going, keep going...

  • Ratu gave us three specific movements to use. At this point, he mentioned that you do not have to do this all the way through the shake, but intermittently throughout. The rest of the shake would be vibrating fast, holding in the energy and heat and building up the power inside...phew!

  • Stage 1. To access the yoga, the three movements to be used separately, not together are: Arms stretched out straight to the sides like a cross | Arms stretched out and straight pointing to the sky | Arms stretched out together and pointing to the front. These movements are like a bridge extending from us to different aspects of Universal Nature. So stretching those arms to make a bridge is essential, no half-baked floppy limbs!

  • Once you take up the position, then focus, asking for divine yoga and then Make your shake intense, more speed, more electric, heels bouncing, faster, faster. (Just imagine Electric Ketut cracking the whip behind you!) Great, Stage 1 complete!

  • Stage 2, natural movement comes in and you let go into the movement as the energy takes you. Movements are different for each individual, don’t let the mind get involved. Most importantly, when the movement comes, don’t let the mind be a party pooper and decide, ‘I’m not having any of this’. Let go and follow.

  • Stage 3, now you are in the middle of your ‘asana’ (your yoga movement). Keep going, keep going, keep going...... You’re on the floor? Think you are finished? You’re coughing and laughing? Think you are finished? You’re walking around like an elephant? Think you are finished? Keep going, keep going....until the energy is finished and the asana is finished, not when the mind thinks it has had enough. Equally, if the energy has finished, it IS finished.

‘Small things for your growing’:

  • We are the Universe, we are Everything in miniature, therefore we can access everything. Ratu talked about Ganesh and his brother Murugan. They were both given the task of travelling around the world. Murugan sets off for a long global pilgrimage, Ganesh jumps on a mouse and travels a circle around his parents! Because everything was within his parents. On our spiritual journey, better to be a Ganesh than a’s a lot quicker.

  • If we shake in the energy regularly, we know who we are and we can be connected all the time. This is what runs our lives. If we don’t know who we are, we become confused, this means the mind has taken over. If we don’t re-calibrate this and correct this with shaking in the energy then the mind takes us down the wrong path and leads us to wrong decisions in our lives.
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