News & Blog | Ashram temporarily to Gianyar

In the middle of September Mt Agung started to rumble. Sometimes we could feel the earth shaking in our ashram. On the 22nd of September Ratu received a message from the police that the mountain was about to erupt and we should all leave the ashram as quickly as possible. We all piled into anything that had wheels attached and headed off to Gianyar, to a former builder’s yard.

training in Gianyar Within a few days the place was transformed, cleaned and turned into a respectable looking space for spiritual training.

Mount Agung, meanwhile has calmed down. No one can predict for sure what will happen. There is still strong activity deep down in the crater. For the moment, we have to wait and see.

The message, though, is that Ratu is ready to receive all of us. We are in a safe and increasingly comfortable place, and ready to embrace you all, so please come and join us!

Accomodation will be arranged according to your preferences.

For more information and booking, please write to  [email protected]