News & Blog | Back in Muncan Ashram

Mount Agung has become quiet and the ashram in Muncan is out of the danger zone.

After staying in the temporary ashram in Gianyar for the past 6 months Ratu decided that we should all go to the ashram for Nyepi, the Hindu new year in Bali, which this year was celebrated on 17th March.

Despite being uninhabited during the last 6 months the ashram still has an incredible vibration but it needed some work. Within hours it was cleaned up and ready for living. Everybody joined in to make the ashram beautiful and shiny again.

Ashram cleaning

Nyepi is a day of fasting and it was no effort. We all sat around Ratu between the sessions and lots of stories were shared about Ratu’s work when he first started the ashram.

The morning after Nyepi Ratu decided we would stay in the ashram. All westerners hopped on the bus to pick up their belongings in Gianyar and in the afternoon the ashram was our home again.

Being back is really a new beginning. Being with Ratu has become more joyful than ever. Ratu is pushing us to stay away from our mind. The shakes are intense but also very light. There is a lot of singing and dancing. Many people get the energy very quickly. It seems a whole new phase has started - once again!

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