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On 1st April Ratu went with a group of 11 from the ashram to Sulawesi for a 3 day trip. Sulawesi is a big island to the north east of Bali. We flew to Makassar in the south of Sulawesi and then on to Palu in the north. This trip was organized by Dr. I Ketut Donder, who some of you may know as the author of the Bio-Energy Meditation book. He grew up in Palu after his parents, with many other families, were relocated from Bali after the eruption of Mt. Agung in the sixties. He is a professor of Hindu theology both in Denpasar and in Palu, and a student of Ratu since many years. We stayed in the hotel of one of his friends and others were enlisted to drive us around. We were very well taken care of!

The population of Palu is 85% Muslim, the other 15% is Hindu, Christian or Buddhist. The Hindu community seems to consist mainly of people who originally came from Bali. The first evening we were taken to the Hindu temple. Ratu sat in meditation outdoors and it was a magic atmosphere, many orbs were visible on the pictures that were taken. Afterwards we went to another section of the temple where around 50 people attended his talk and introduction to shaking.

The next day we spent at the university of Palu for the seminar on Hindu religion. There were many speakers, all in Indonesian of course, and we had to practice some patience and stay awake during it all. Then Prof. Donder gave a theoretical introduction into the bio-energy practice, mainly taken from his book. Everyone was sudden awake and alert when Ratu started speaking about happiness as the goal of life. He had everyone’s attention, the students started laughing and their bodies were suddenly alive, as his energy spread out around the big auditorium.

Demonstrations followed, he asked people to start shaking with their hands and the effects were overwhelming. Some students went into spontaneous fits, rolled on the floor, had to be carried out of the room, laughter all around. After lunch it went on for another two hours, Donder and Ratu took turns and while Donder presented the theoretical and theological background, Ratu gave everyone a taste of the bio-energy practice. Questions and answers followed, everyone was so enthusiastic. It seemed the students felt that something magical was happening here that was of direct importance to their life.

Ratu with students SulawesiThe next morning we spent at the temple again in a big, unfinished hall with just a roof over a concrete floor. Because it was Sunday many people including whole families had come for the shaking practice. Our ashram group was shaking along with them. Again it was remarkable how many people felt the energy. A few people reported of having dreamt of Ratu in the night or of feeling a strong pull to come to this meeting. We may see quite a few of them in the ashram in the coming months!

In the afternoon we left for the airport with many people coming to see us off, eager to have a last photo with us, a last glimpse of Ratu, a last blessing. This visit to Palu promises to be the start of a shaking community in North Sulawesi.

As we returned to the ashram late on Sunday night, we were greeted by gamelan music and a big group of shakers waiting to welcome Ratu and our group back. Ratu sat up with us till late at night and talked about this successful journey, how it is his mission to bring happiness everywhere in the world. He cannot do this work without a strong group, we are being trained to also bring love and happiness, to make this world a happy place.

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