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A couple of days before I left the ashram in September the peace festival was announced. Ratu likes to have shakers with him as he often also does some energy work. I find these events not always easy and was not sure if I wanted to join in. During a small chat about something else, Ratu suggested to me that I could make a video that afternoon, so I went.

We went to a beautiful location in Denpasar where we were received by a line of young people with folded hands to greet us. In the distance the peace gong was dominantly present. After signing in we got some snacks and waited till it was time to go to the tables. The festival opened with a beautiful dance performance and the national hymn.

After this, many speakers from the government, several religions and different organisations took their turn to speak on peace. Of course it was all in Indonesian but occasionally I could understand what they were speaking about. They mentioned the wars in different parts of the world, they mentioned how they and all present should be examples in the roles they have in the community. Ratu also spoke of course. We were just sitting there and if focussed, could feel Ratu working on the people present. And I was thinking they all miss the point because they don’t look at the cause of war.

All of a sudden the presenter spoke in English and asked if one of the Westerners present was willing to say in two minutes ‘what peace means for you personally’. To me, this has always been the fundamental question of my inner search. I immediately knew that I could do it and there was nobody else who volunteered. I made eye contact with Ratu, put my camera on the table and walked to the microphone. I felt totally centred and self-confident. I stood there, present with an energy enveloping me and started speaking. About the war – the war is not outside, the war is inside and unless we face ourselves the war does not dissolve, about peace and love. In the meantime I felt Ratu’s support. When I went back to the table, I had to sit down and I felt the energy pounding through my body.

Another lot of speeches followed and the event finished with a picture of all present and a magnificent dance performance, a combination of modern and classic Balinese dance.

Then it was Ratu time. He invited everybody to join in to have a taste of shaking. This was the cherry on the cake.

In the video a few impressions of the event.

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