News & Blog | Ratu's birthday celebrations

As Ratu's birthday was coming up, all of a sudden lots of activities were going on in the ashram.

Ratu had asked the Westeners to do something which involved the meaning of the Durga mantra. The Balinese were very busy with some extra construction work around the tv area. The little balcony next to the restaurant was fitted with a roof and glass windows. The pathway between the kitchen and the tv area was paved with proper stones and a roof was constructed over it.  Everybody was busy and it was raising the energy in the ashram.

On the day itself many visitors came. In the evening there were several speeches from public figures and an award for Ratu.

This was followed by performances, singing and dancing from various actors and musicians.  A blog about  the performance of the Westeners  is in the making.

The best way to have an impression of the birthday party is to look at this video: 


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