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Pentecoste Retreat Bad Karlshafen, Germany, 2-5 june 2017

Start: Friday 2nd June with a shaking session at 6 pm
End: Monday 5th June after breakfast.

Contact: ratubagus.bk@gmail.com
Phone: + 49 5672-922 359 or + 49 172 6165 109(mobile)

Contribution: €165.

Location: Unter den Eichen 1, D 34385 Bad Karlshafen, Germany

The retreats in Bad Karlshafen (BK) are very popular. Many enthusiastic shakers from different countries have attended these retreats over the past years. The facility is located near the Weser River and offers rooms for 2-4 people, most with attached bathrooms. The Taman is in a separate building and has a great atmosphere, as it is only used for shaking retreats. We prepare our own meals and have a nice, spacious dining room at our disposal. There is a thermal spa nearby and we can take walks along the river or in the forested hills. Retreats in BK are always a wonderful opportunity to recharge our batteries and to meet friends from many countries.

Book by sending an email to: ratubagus.bk@gmail.com

Bad Karlshafen has its own train station. Nearby airports are Hannover, Paderborn and Frankfurt.

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