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Shaking retreat in Belgium 10-12 May

Start: Friday 10th of May. First shake will start at 18.00
End: Sunday 12th of May at 18.00.

Contact: Stephanie Thys: [email protected]

Contribution: €160 (Kids €30 a day)
No special formulas for payment: for one or two days you pay the same amount

Schedule Shakes:

06:30 am - 08:30 am morning Shake

11:30 am - 13:30 pm  2nd Shake

16:30 pm - 18:30 pm  evening Shake

20:30 pm - 21:30 pm  evening meditation followed by sharing

The Venue

De Brink is located in Herentals, approx. 25 km from Antwerp. It can easily be reached by car, bus or train. From the airport of Brussels (BE) or Eindhoven (NL) it is about a one hour drive.

The center is surrounded by nature and frequently accommodates large groups of people.  It offers the possibility to go for a long walk in the forest, enjoy a mountain bike trip or for those who prefer the calm and quiet, to just relax.


We are in a separate building, Zonnedauw. This is a place where we are separate from the outside world and cannot be disturbed by visitors. In this building we have a kitchen, where a vegetarian cook will prepare the tastiest dishes. We have a large Taman and next to it a silent room to our disposal. Adjoining the Taman we eat together.


There are only 4-person rooms. There is no possibility to sleep alone in a room.
Showers and toilets in the hall.
Sheets and blankets provided.
Towels are not provided, we must bring them ourselves.


Our trusted cook Geert will treat us the whole retreat with all sorts of goodies. The dishes are exclusively vegetarian. After each shake a meal is provided. Friday evening  after the shake the first meal is served, but after the last shake on Sunday there is no meal anymore. All day tea, water, fruit and cookies are available. Special diets are possible on request (Please let us know in time !)


If you would like to join this lovely event, please email to [email protected]
or call.

Please transfer the correct contribution as soon as possible:

To book your stay  :

please pay the total amount on bank account no.  IBAN: BE25 3770 9800 3682

BIC (Swift code): BBRUBEBB

Account holders: Heremans-Van Der Donck. Please mention the retreat and your name.

Please note: People who book but don’t come to the retreat without warning us in advance of their absence will have to pay for the cook and the room a total amount of €100.

Travel information:

Address: De Brink, Bosbergen 1, Herentals

The Herentals train station is only 3km from De Brink.
Train info: www.belgianrail.be
A shuttle service is provided from the station. Let us know when you arrive in Herentals and there will be someone waiting for you.

Practical things:

-don’t forget to bring your own towels! Towels are not provided! Bring eventually also a sleeping bag.

-don’t forget to bring boots or hiking shoes for the walks in between the shakes. The trails in the forrest around “de Brink” can be very muddy. Eventually bring an umbrella also.

-for the meditations: bring your meditation cushion or blanket to sit on. The floor of the taman can be cold to sit on.

-bring eventually thick socks or slippers for shaking on the, sometimes, cold floor.

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