Ratu inspires us with short messages that will help us to keep focus and give us motivation.

Some more messages from Ratu:


This is the golden time for us


With shaking we process ourselves to become true


Let us be active, positive and creative!


Life is easy, life is beautiful.


Your soul is like the sun, always shining


The way of life is light, what is heavy is our mind.


Let us be active, positive and creative


For change we need discipline, the first discipline is I love myself


The more you look at me, the more you see you


You are all masters, you just need to believe in yourselves. If you see Ratu higher than you, you deny your own power. Don’t follow teacher, follow I AM, follow happy.


We are extraordinary humans. We are a generator of Light & Love in this world.


The doorway to laughter is through anger, sadness & shyness.


Let us be happy every day

You can read more about the practice, Ratu Bagus and the ashram on one of our subsites.

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