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The ashram in Bali has grown from humble beginnings, but now it attracts many people from an array of countries, backgrounds and faiths, who make the pilgrimage there in search of healing and a meaningful existence.

The ashram is located near the east coast of Bali, set in the countryside, one and a half hours east of Denpasar. It nestles in the classically beautiful landscape of Bali's rice paddies, blending in harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

It's a perfect setting for the spiritual community living there, comprising Ratu Bagus, his wife and a group of Balinese families who help in all aspects of running the ashram. Since 1993 Western students have been drawn to this place of highly transformational inner work, staying for weeks or months at a time.

Ratu’s ashram and the shaking practice is open to everyone, regardless of the type oShaking in Tamanr severity of their problems or age. All that is needed is a determination to heal oneself and a commitment to working purposefully upon oneself. Laughter, love and mutual support make it possible to really enjoy the transformational experience. Initially, a minimum five-day stay is mandatory to allow one to connect deeply to the sacred fire within, the inner source of universal energy that can heal us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The Taman

A focal point of the ashram is the Taman – meaning 'centre' – a large and impressive building. This is where we go to practise, and where ceremonies and celebrations are held. A lot of time is spent in this magnificent sacred hall.

Ratu is usually in the Taman during shaking sessions, building up the energy, teaching, providing support, motivation and inspiration.

Daily schedule

7 – 9 am: morning shake - followed by breakfast
1 - 3 pm: afternoon shake - followed by lunch
7 - 9 pm: evening shake - followed by dinner

Morning and evening sessions are preceded by half an hour of quiet meditation at the Shiva fountain, weather permitting.
Visitors are encouraged to remain active in between the sessions, participating in light cleaning or gardening tasks to keep the energy up.

Ashram community

Ashram community

The ashram community is reflective of the warmth and sweetness of the Balinese people and Western shakers. A visit to the ashram is like visiting your family, you feel immediately at home.

Another focal point of the ashram is the kitchen and dining room, presided over by Ketut and Sukri, Ratu’s most long-standing and trusted assistants. Together with Nyoman and some of the older ashram girls they prepare our meals and, with an understanding smile, help us over our many physical, emotional and mental detox processes. Their good-natured teasing often ends up in infectious laughter, which can be heard throughout the ashram compound - a sign of the joy and happiness that pervades the atmosphere at the ashram.

All work that is needed in the ashram is done by the community.

The ashram children are a special source of pride and joy. They learn from early on to live in a community and to look after each other. They play together, they eat together and they sleep together. They are taught to share their toys and be fair to each other. They always welcome the children of the Western visitors and readily include them in their games and activities. As their parents are shaking off their limitations in the Taman, the children are free to develop their own individuality and creativity, and grow into responsible young adults.

Mount Agung - The sacred volcanoMount Agung evening

There are many volcanoes on the island of Bali. The most significant is sacred Mount Agung, sometimes referred to as Shiva’s mountain. It is the spiritual heart of the island. The ashram itself lies at the base of its extensive foothills.

The mountain is very sacred to Ratu, as he has a profound energetic connection with it. Many ashram visitors are drawn to climb it, often undergoing very powerful, transformative experiences.

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