News & Blog | Impressions of the Ratu Bagus ashram

In the last year a lot of work has been done to make the ashram more beautiful and, with it, the energy more available.

When Ratu discovered the stream of healing “strong water” on the Ashram grounds a new phase of the inner work started. This source turned into a major ongoing project with many shakers helping to move stones and sand. A whole new sacred area was created with a temple, terraces and ponds. At the temple the water pours from 11 spouts in the form of dragon heads. It has become a sacred place for meditation, where we can also take a shower or drink the blessed water to help our healing process.

tirtha dragons

The water tower has undergone a magnificent facelift. Ratu has displayed several sacred weapons in one of its original recesses. They are known as Tribants and in the past were an essential part of the regalia of kings. Now Ratu found a more prominent place for them to show their power.

The swastikas at the top of the tower looked a little tired compared to the splendour of the weapons. So it was decided to take them down and polish them to their original bright golden hew. Ratu’s statue in the higher recess presides now over the tower against a background of red, and is decorated with many crystals. Oil lamps are burning 24 hours. The water tower has become a symbol of life, its colours black, red and gold, and Ratu often sits at the bottom of it to meditate in the morning and evening.

water tower  water temple

The water temple at the front gate also got a change over and is a beautiful eye catcher for everybody who enters the ashram.

Have a look at some of the changes in this new video.

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