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Ratu Bagus left his body on 12th August 2021. His death was unexpected and left many of his closest community in deep shock. In retrospect, though, it became obvious that he had planned his departure from the physical world very carefully. He had completed his mission for this incarnation. He obviously felt that he had achieved all he had set out to accomplish in this physical reality - for his beloved motherland, Indonesia, and for the world - and now was the time to return to his heavenly family and continue the work in the invisible realm. In fact, he often said that he would be able to work with us much better once his body was out of the way. And he also predicted that the era of Kali Yuga would end at the time when he would leave his body.

Ratu finger up

His gifts to humanity on this particular journey were many, but the most important one was his ability to transmit to his pupils the pure divine energy that created us. He was able to reignite it in us and reconnect us to this divine power grid, the source of all life. It was a difficult job, as so many of his pupils came from a background of spiritual darkness. But with endless patience and love, he nurtured us again and again, until he could feel that the divine light had taken a firm place in our bodies, and he could leave us to take care of this precious flame ourselves, make it grow, and inspire others with it.

At his ashram in Bali, the simple shaking practice, which allows anyone who is truly looking to access this universal energy source, will continue for future generations. In latter years, Ratu Bagus often took lengthy absences from the ashram. But before each departure, he told the ashram community that his body will go away for a while, but his soul will remain here to look after each and every one of us, as long as we wish to connect to him. Whatever our problems, we can take them to him, and he will show us a way to shake them off.


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