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Since the return to Muncan after the evacuation, many small changes in the ashram took place. Quite a few spots turned into a temple. With every change in the ashram, there is an energy change and we have new lessons to learn.

Here are some impressions of the temples and some of Ratu's lessons.

The Bodhi tree.

For some time Ratu was not seen in one of his usual spots. When we started to look for Ratu, we  found him in the valley on the way to the laundry where some work was going on. Ratu told us he had created a new meditation place for us. It is under a tree, as a reminder to Buddha who became enlightened under a tree.

Ratu at the Bodhi tree

Lessons were all about the dangers of the mind, and how to combat them.  How can we fight the darkness of our mind? By putting our attention on our feet!
“ Shaking is movement beyond the mind. If we still shake with the mind, the darkness takes over. If we shake beyond the mind, at first we see light. The light teaches us to move. The original movement comes from our feet and turns on our electricity. Your feet are a barometer. We now practice living on light. Look at your feet first. Your feet are very important for your health. Take good care of them or you will walk with a wheelchair when you are old. When your feet and legs become good students, your mind cannot do anything. You have to walk with light, feel love in your feet, light in your feet. All of Ratu’s teaching is about light, walking with light, eating with light, to make everything perfect.”


The Lingam temple

The centrepiece of this temple is a beautiful Shiva lingam which Ratu honoured with a powerful cleansing ceremony when it came to the ashram. One morning, soon after the lingga’s arrival, Ratu called Gunartha during one of our morning shakes. He drew a few lines in the sand in the car park. Gunartha nodded and immediately the work on the new temple started. The flagstones covering the spot where the temple was going to stand were lifted up, the ground underneath was dug up and the foundations for the new temple were laid. Throughout the work, Ratu sat in the old courtyard, bringing his vision of the temple down to earth.

Lingam temple

“Only with shaking can we let go of our attachments. If we keep thinking about our illness, we get married to our illness and eventually we die. Better to shake it off and die happily. Go to the subconsciousness level.”
“To make our physique able to solve our problems we have to make our feet electric. To heal cancer, we have to learn to feel the electricity in our feet. It will release our anger. Sometimes we don’t want to do it because we have been living with our problems for a long time.  They have become our good friends. If we do it with the mind, we won’t like it because it makes us cough, feel nauseous, etc. If we don’t make our feet electric, our problems become stronger. Electric feet bring us to a higher vibration, where healing can happen. Laughter is the goal, but before the laughter there has to be process. Everybody can shake with the mind, but that won’t solve our problem. We have to reach the subconsciousness level.”


The Frangipani tree

At the ashram, even the trees are evolving. There is an old frangipane tree near the water tower. It appeared to be dead for a long time, but recently there is new life in one of the branches. However, instead of the usual three twigs of flowers, this new branch carries four twigs, which is highly unusual. When Ratu spotted it he put a little shrine in the centre of the tree and decorated its three trunks in the colours of the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Significantly, the trunk carrying the newly revived branch is dressed in red, Shiva’s colour, as it seems to carry Shiva’s message of death and transformation.

Frangipani tree

“We shake to train our spirit to rise. Please fight against your burden. Why do we have to do that? Because we will learn more about meditation. If we stay in the mind we will not be able to meditate. Ratu is electric energy. Without feeling the electricity, our meditation is just imagination. Look at the tricks of the mind. It will only show you your mistakes. Look for the good past. Surrender your mind. Be careful or you will get more karma and you will regret what you have done for the rest of your life. Ratu knows well about all the negative things we collect. Let’s become positive. Feel the blessing. If we feel it there is automatically a connection. If we maintain the connection we reach Moxa. Then we will know the purpose of life: to reach happiness. Material goods are no guarantee for happiness, nor is being clever. Once we can enjoy happiness it becomes our biggest capital. Once we have the blessing everything will come alive.”


A temple in the car park area

The centrepiece of this temple is a statue of Ratu, radiating light and energy from a golden, candle lit space, evoking an impression of paradise and heavenly bliss.

Temple at car park

“Spirituality is science for life, for business, for work. Spirituality is the soul of science. Any kind of science has a connection to spirit. Spirit is the soul of knowledge. If you understand that Ratu is a magic man, he can help you with anything. We just have to move our mind a little bit. With trust and belief the miracles will happen. Right now, Ratu is preparing the way for a very big miracle. Spirituality can become real. Ratu is calling down spirit - the magic light in the new temple, the light of the trees, the light of the earth, the light of the sun - they all help us. The key is: Ratu is light. Let’s increase our trust in ourselves, then we will surely trust Ratu as well, because Ratu is the mirror.”

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