International Shaking Agenda

Overview of all shaking days and retreats worldwideRead more

Ty Mam Mawr retreats in North Wales

Dates 2019: March 15 - 18, May 17 - 20, July 5 - 8, September 13 - 16, October 11 - 14Read more

Osho Leela retreat 29 - 31 March

A weekend retreat in Dorset, UKRead more

Easter retreat Bad Karlshafen, Germany, 19-22 April

Easter bunnies shaking and meditating in this retreat in BK. Good food, videos and more...Read more

Retreat at Karuna Flame Centre, Ireland, 19 - 22 April

You are welcome to join us for this wonderful gathering and share the journey of life, inner transformation and healing in the West coast of beautiful Emerald, IrelandRead more

Shake retreat in Herentals, Belgium 10-12 May

The Brink, situated in a forest in the heart of the Kempen, is a place where we can shake, shout, laugh, jump and dance to the maximumRead more

Pentecoste Retreat Bad Karlshafen, Germany, 7 - 10 June

An opportunity to refresh yourself with energy and share with shakers from many countriesRead more

Castlebar retreat, Ireland, 7 - 10 June

A 4 day retreat near lake Lough LannaghRead more

Shaking in the Midnight Sun, Sweden, 21-25 July

Welcome to the most northern shaking retreat in the world!Read more

Hastings Shaking weekend, UK 23-25 August

Welcome to this Bank Holiday Shaking Weekend!Read more

Osho Leela retreat 6 - 8 September

A weekend retreat in Dorset, UKRead more

Retreat Bad Karlshafen, Germany, 26 - 29 September

Autumn retreat in Bad Karlshafen, Germany, a popular setting for shaking retreats over the past years.Read more

Hastings Ratu Birthday Shake Day 24 November

Come and celebrate Ratu's birthday with us!Read more