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Every 2-3  months there is a day shake

Day shakes in 2021: 

31 July

Contact and Registration:

Silvia Faasse +31 6 201 38 940

Location: Brink, Bosbergen 1, B - 2200 Herentals, www.hopper.be/brink

Schedule: There are three shakes:

1st shake:   06h30 - 08h30
2nd shake:  11h00 - 13h00
3rd shake:  16h00 - 18h00

Please commit yourself for at least 2 shake sessions.

With food
Overnight stay on Friday + 4 shakes: €60 (See remark below!)
Food and 3 shakes 50€
Food and 2 shakes 40€

Without food
Overnight stay on Friday + 4 shakes: €40 (See remark below!)
3 shakes: €30
2 shakes: €20

If you come on Friday evening, please bring your own sleeping bag and bedding.
Blankets are available but no sheets. There is a shake on Friday evening at 20h00. 
Bring your own food for Friday night because we only get meals on Saturday
If you want to make use of the food offer, please let us know as soon as possible.
For children there are many things to enjoy - a ping-pong table, cinema (bring your own DVDs), a playground ...  
Children only pay for food: €20.


please pay the total amount 10 days in advance on bank account no.  IBAN: BE22 7390 2052 0147

BIC (Swift code): KREDBEBB

Account holders: Ratu Bagus Belgium vzwPlease mention the retreat and your name.

No more cash payments!!

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