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'Shaking has changed my life, yes definitely! It has brought meaning, hope and immense Joy into my days. It has given me the power to create my life more consciously, to get rid of old habits, leaving space for the new ones to come in. It has showed me the direction to my heart through my own body and feelings, in direct experience. It has opened a door for natural ecstasy, for the connection I was looking for, the one to my Soul, the one to Love, the One to all the wonderful Beings we all are. It has given me the feeling of Unity and Communion with Life. It has showered me with humility, gratitude and fun. I love being alive, I enjoy being a part of this great adventure! Thank you!'

Anny B, France

'I have been shaking now for the last five years and I feel there is really nothing else like it. Prior to shaking I did not have much confidence in myself and I placed too much importance on the stories my mind was telling me. I was also depending on other people or circumstances to make me happy. With shaking I am coming to love myself more and more. I am also starting to feel happiness that comes from deep inside and I am also trusting my inner knowing. Through shaking, I have been through processes which have not always been easy but the self-knowledge that comes along with them is always invaluable. Challenges in my daily life no longer feel as threatening as I know Ratu and the energy are always with me. I feel shaking also helps me in my work as a counsellor as I am able to connect with clients in a more holistic way. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the opportunity to train with Ratu and to be a part of the shaking community.'

Clare, Australia

'Meeting Ratu began an incredible journey towards realizing my greatest potential that is far from over. The energy has brought me face to face with my deepest blocks in life and given me the support and strength to overcome them. The changes that have occurred  through surrender to Ratu have been nothing short of miraculous and in particular the energy has taken me on a unique path towards realizing my lifelong ambition as a professional musician. The energy understands our Soul’s deepest yearnings and can help us actualize them in a way that is original and far beyond the minds comprehension - as Ratu says, “Impossible becomes possible”! When you shake sincerely and with focus you connect with the power of the Universe - there is no real obstacle that cannot be overcome!'

Simon, UK

‘Meeting Ratu has changed my life. Having walked with a stick and being sick for over 10 years and feeling an underlying unhappiness that haunted me, my heart recognized a true Master who I immediately trusted and knew could help. I found shaking difficult at first, being terrified of injuring myself, but knew I had to persevere. I discovered I was fighting my fear of life and happiness. Through the mystery of this sacred practice my leg has healed, I can work again and I feel a new wonderful joy and aliveness.’

Jane W P, UK

'My whole experience has been one of gratefulness to the Ashram, including my family of shakers that were here so we could go through it all together and emerge at the end of it brighter and lighter than we began. It’s as if the Ashram is one BIG smile, and when you smile back at it you are rewarded with a brilliant new beam to your smile, lighting the way to ongoing and lasting happiness.'

Roberta, UK

'This is what we learned at the ashram: by shaking, Ratu Bagus lifts the vibrational frequency of our energy particles. In this way we start to free our blocks and lower frequency energies. We begin to eliminate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual baggage to the point of feeling empty and free. Then the magic starts - Light filling your energetic channels, inner heat sensations, energy waves coming through the spine, tickling. You start feeling your heart shaking inside your chest throughout the day, a feeling of freedom, energetic interactions with other shakers during the sessions, peace, openness. A huge sensation of happiness!'

Alex and Ainara, Spain

'Ratu’s work is beyond words if one can open up the doors for him. I have never felt this kind of trust and support in my life. It is as if I started a fresh page. I am able to be open, to share my experience and listen to and learn from others.'

Aysem, Turkey

'During my 10 days in the ashram I can’t explain what happened, just that every moment that I talked with someone or something happened, it was God's message for my development and I was opening more to the energy. It wasn’t only just happy, it was lots of inner fight and mind fight. I had so much dreaming and new perceptions… I discovered something deeper that I can't explain what it is... Something fresh, light and easy. For sure I know that some old part of me stays behind and something new emerges... I can’t really explain it, it is the first small step that makes a big difference in my perception and behavior. Thank you all these beautiful people and angels that share this beautiful thing.'

Pedro, Brazil

'After my mother passed away and after many years of caring and living with her, I realized that I needed a thorough inner cleaning in order to rediscover who I really am. I was feeling tense and not at all free in myself. Many invisible conditionings from my parents and my upbringing – maybe even from past lives – had attached themselves as a sticky layer to my mind and soul. I felt I was stuck and unable to untangle the knot I was in.

During my stay at the ashram, layer by layer fell away. I discovered a shyness in me, a fear of being seen, a fear to open up to love. There was a block in my lower belly, cutting off my connection to the earth and thus to the love of mother Earth. Now it feels as if the soles of my feet have antennas enabling me to feel the frequency of the earth. When that happens, my body trembles and shakes by itself in a high vibration. Because I didn’t have a strong connection with the earth, my mind was always busy organizing everything – it told me what to feel instead of listening to what I really felt. These are inner shifts that are hard to explain, but make all the difference.

Intense processes were needed to effect this cleansing. I always felt support and guidance from Ratu and also from the other shakers in the group, even from nature: a bird, a butterfly, a dog, a cool breeze, the warm sunrays, they were all there to help me to start listening and feeling again. Ratu tells us many times each day: I LOVE YOU – and one day I could feel it. He said: God doesn’t have hands or a mouth, that’s why he uses Ratu, so that you hear that God loves you. Listen and feel!'

Anurago, Holland   


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