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Ratu Bagus is an energy master and spiritual teacher who wants us to be happy. Those who meet him are touched by his sweetness, his love for humanity and his endless compassion. He is humble yet powerful, gentle yet firm, has a wonderful sense of humour and accepts everyone as they are.

Forever creative in finding new ways to awaken our desire for spiritual growth and a stronger connection to our soul, he sees our light that shows who we truly are, and invites us to find our own true selves.

Ratu has touched the lives of many. Meeting him is a life changing experience.

The Beginnings

Ratu Bagus was born in Gianyar, Bali in November 1949, the fourth of nine children. He had a very difficult childhood. His father died when he was still young. There was little money to pay even for the most basic things. His dream as a young man was to become an army cadet. He wanted to be a soldier because he liked the disciplined way of life in the army. He believed that the key to success in life was discipline. He applied to be admitted to the army school three times, but was unsuccessful on each occasion. Rather than being distraught about this, he came to understand that this was not the right path for him.

He moved to the Indonesian capital Jakarta and found work as a private officer at a transportation firm, where he stayed for eight years. But the job did not give him satisfaction, so he moved back to Bali where he became a government officer. After 12 years in this position he left to become a farmer as he felt a calling to be closer to nature and live near a smaller community.

He chose to live in Muncan village at the base of sacred Mount Agung, where he raised ducks and pigs. He continued living and farming there for many years with his first wife Mama and their two children, but as the desire to become more connected to the universe and the creator became stronger, he began meditating regularly at various sacred sites within Bali.

One day, during one of his meditations on the slopes of Mount Agung, he received a vision from the Divine. He was given the name “Ratu Bagus Jaya Kesuma Kawi” and told that he had an important mission in this life to relieve the suffering of humanity and that he would be given the strength and knowledge to fulfil his task.

Ratu was surrounded by poverty-stricken farming families, who had no access to health care, clean water, or a decent education. There was a constant menace of life-threatening illness. This is where Ratu Bagus began his mission to help people healing themselves.

“Before I met Ratu, my father was very ill. We had no money to
take him to hospital. He became ever more sick and nobody could help him. He lost so much weight because he couldn’t eat or drink. There was no hope for
him and I was told he would die within a day. We were desperate, so we carried him all the way to see Ratu Bagus

Ratu just looked at my father, touched his head, then gave him a glass of blessed water, which my father drank. I was very surprised to see this as he hadn’t been able to drink anything for a long time. Immediately I believed in Ratu’s healing powers. My father gained strength and went on to live happily for another 20 years.

This miracle made me want to learn more about Ratu, and so I came to live and work permanently at the ashram.”
Sukri, Bali

As news of this and similar healings was spreading, a small community soon started to grow on Ratu's land and in September 1988, Ratu officially founded his ashram.

Ratu introduced many different techniques for healing and spiritual growth. The main focus is the shaking practice.

Although not born into the Brahmin caste, Ratu was invited in 2007 to become a Brahmin priest
of the highest class in acknowledgement of his healing powers and life-long dedication to helping humanity.

Connecting with the West

In 1993, an Italian yoga teacher was passing by the ashram. He felt a strong energy vortex pulling him inside. His time there was profound, and on his return to Italy he shared his experiences and soon a group of around 25 people invited Ratu to visit them in Italy. From then on, Ratu started to be known in the West and many visitors started to come to the ashram.

Ratu now has students from more than 40 countries and the numbers are growing rapidly as word spreads throughout the world about the good work he is doing. Ratu places great emphasis on growing together.

There is a widespread community of western students who regularly train together and there are many shaking groups throughout Europe. Many shaking days and retreats are organised throughout the year to give the opportunity to experience Ratu's energy intensely.

Ratu talks to his students

Ratu's vision

Ratu’s mission and vision is to bring peace and happiness to the world, creating a world where people live in harmony with each other and with nature, where there are no wars and no disease. A world filled with smiling, laughing people who are conscious of their connection to the universal source of light and love.

Ratu keeps teaching us that we are all spiritual beings, created by a spark of God’s light, our soul. We all come from the same source and we will return there at the end of our lives. Our souls are all the same, eternally young, only our bodies are different. What separates us from our source is our polluted mind, full of negative sentiments and bad memories. This mind is our greatest obstacle to happiness. It is the reason for all illness and suffering. It darkens the bright light of our soul.

Ratu was given the power to radiate divine light into our bodies, rekindling our divine spark, our inner sacred fire that can purify our body and our mind. With unending patience and gentleness, he transmits light into our souls, so that we can see who we really are. His light shows us our darkness, our negative patterns and how to transform them into positive energy.

He teaches us to love ourselves, become positive and happy. He motivates us to overcome our self-imposed limitations and awaken our own internal powers to realise our special purpose in life and fulfil it according to the divine plan. Life becomes easy, there are no more obstacles.

With Ratu Bagus's Bio Energy Meditation, spirituality becomes alive within us as a sacred vibration. We can feel that God is alive within us. Our bodies and its organs become more sensitive, we learn to differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong. Our life is in the hands of our soul, in constant contact with the great universal soul, and our mind just follows the promptings of the soul.

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