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With everything Ratu does, he tries to give people's lives a positive turn.


On Bali, the cost of good health care is not in proportion to the income of the people, not everybody has access to such a basic provision. Ratu wants to build a hospital where people can be cared for by shakers who have build up enough energy in themselves that they can treat people with that positivity. As a result, people can be treated physically and energetically, the healing process can be shorter and people can leave the hospital earlier and in a state of happiness.


Ratu with Lombok students

For Ratu, our spiritual growth is the most important, but because he is aware that many of his Balinese students and also some from the West face financial difficulties, he has become involved in systems that can solve this problem over time.

The 'Koperasi' (cooperative) is an initiative in Indonesia that is certified by the Government. There are many such cooperatives across the country. Ratu's Koperasi is set up by himself and is led by the Balinese in the ashram according to the requirements of the Government, which does regular monitoring. The original Indonesian name for it is 'Giri Murti', which can be translated as 'Powerful Circles'. It is a self-governing social capital fund. The Koperasi already has many members. It is essentially a form of micro credit finance which is of great importance for the Balinese who are connected with Ratu. The Koperasi offers the Balinese - including those who are not affiliated with Ratu - a way to take out small loans for their business or for their family. It can, for example, be used 'simply' to buy a cow, or for a wedding or a cremation ceremony (many Balinese people cannot pay for a cremation). A loan to buy a medallion is also possible. 

The Koperasi Board holds regular meetings with the members to decide which projects will be funded and to discuss problems or other issues. The Koperasi is a non-profit organization. It is led by the members themselves, any profits are divided among the members, everything according to the rules of the local branch of the Government.

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