EnglishShaking near you | Shaking on Zoom

Ratu advises us to shake regularly in a group for maximum benefit.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit a group, or in addition to your regular group shake, you can stay in contact via Zoom shakes.

Zoom Shakes are for experienced shakers. It is a great opportunity to connect with the energy and with shaking friends all over the world.

There are daily shakes and once a week on Sunday an International Zoom shake.


Daily Zoom Shakes (Australian time zone)

For details send an email to Tracey or Sabine:

Email Sabine: [email protected]

Daily Zoom Shakes (European time zone)

Contact Stephanie: [email protected]


Weekly Worldwide Shake on Zoom

Every Sunday at 16:00h Bali time there is an International shake on Zoom. Many shakers from countries all over the world join in and share their experiences after the shake.

If you like to join in and have not received the login codes yet, please contact a country coordinator to get the details how to join in this Zoom shake event.